Foundation for Conservation and Promotion of the Aramaic Cultural Heritage



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Deyrulzafaran Monastery, Mardin

The Foundation

was founded in 2005 to effectively save the Aramaic cultural heritage threatened by erosion and disappearance:
a three thousand years old language - spoken by
Jesus himself - and the immense intellectual and material treasures related to it.

The promotion of teaching, fostering and developing the Aramaic language as a modern living language is in the centre of the Foundations efforts.

They will be implemented by the promotion of projects, as the elaboration of curricula and teaching aid for Aramaic lessons, Aramaic lessons on different stages of knowledge and the foundation and promotion of an institute for scientific studies on the Aramaic language and culture.

In addition the promotion of a comprehensive foreign aid to Tur Abdin - the heartland of the Aramaic language and culture since the birth of Christ - is aiming at the conservation and
revival of the Aramaic roots.